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Destination Inde is an independent organization created by a local Ladakhi guide, Mohd juma, who is experienced in arranging tours & treks in Ladakh and is eager to serve the travelers, who are curious and enchanted by the sheer attraction of mighty Himalayas, to know more about Ladakh, the geography, the people and their culture. Destination Inde provides customers with professional guidance, authentic information and an unmatched quality of service. Destination Inde is dedicated in promoting Environmental-friendly tours specializing in organized treks & tours for individuals and groups with its quality travel related services. Being a Ladakhi, his in-depth understanding of its people and customs of the region help us to formulate tours and treks that are positively sensitive to the area and its people. Thus the traveler can return home enriched by the experiences that go beyond those of the ordinary tourist, which is the reward for our services.

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Beautiful Ladakh

Ladakh is a favorite with trekking and mountaineering enthusiasts. The scenic beauty, rugged terrain, majestic mountains and the challenge of roughing it out, has been a heady cocktail for those looking for a rush of adrenalin.

The beauty of Ladakh snowcapped peaks, clean blue sky and vistas of barren mountains broken only by blue meandering rivers has attracted the intrepid traveler since the region was opened to tourists in the 1970s.

Tourism is the main source of livelihood for Ladakhis. Indian Army maintains a strong presence in Ladakh due to its strategic location. Because of its remote location and high altitude, Ladakh is not for those looking for a quick holiday. You need time on your hands and oodles of patience. Time, as you need a while to get acclimatized. Modernity is yet to reach the region which has helped preserve its natural, rustic splendor. Ladakh is very beautiful place to visit at least one time in life. For great Ladakh tour you can visit ladakhdestination for adventure tour packages.