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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Zanskar Trek Route Update With Ladakh Destination

Zanskar trekking routes is likely to open soon.

Tour report of the flood affected areas of Zanskar

As per the direction from President ALTOA, a team under Stanzin Lakpa visited the flood affected areas in Zanskar to restore the pony treks and the damaged bridges on the trek route Lamayuru to Darcha. The outburst of artificial lakee on 7th of May washed away the pony trek between Cha-Phuktal-Ichar-Raru-Renam-Pishu-Pidmo_Hanumil-Kilima.

On 10 May Stanzin Lakpa directed the villagers to reconstruct the pony treks and so far the pony trek between Ichar and Cha till Raru – Phuktal is already operational except a tranship is needed between Raru and Ichar. Raru Bridge is expected to be operational within 10 days.

Cha Bridge is expected to be completed by end of July. Therefore the trekkers need tranship on Cha Bridge to continue upto Darcha.
·       The trek route between Renam and Pishu is already constructed.
·       Pishu to Pidmo till Hanumil is constructed and operational.
·      Lamayuru to padum trek is operational as of now.
Furthermore, the trek route between Phuktal and Tsokmitsik is not operational and needs repairing which will take one month.
For temporary reconstruction of Cha bridge, Heli requisition is already forwarded by SDM Zanskar to airlift the Iron cable.

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